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Warren Mott Class of 1977 - 70's Music Trivia
Test your knowlege of music from the 70s

1. Who wrote the Eagles' 1972 hit 'Take It Easy'?
A - Randy Meisner
B - J.D Souther
C - Jackson Browne & Glenn Frey
D - Don Henley

2. What Queen song was the flip side to the single 'We Are The Champions'?
A - Bohemian Rhapsody
B - We Will Rock You
C - Somebody to Love
D - Fat Bottomed Girls

3. What first name was Cher born with?
A - Cheryl
B - Cherilyn
C - Cher
D - Chastity

4. In 1977, all four members of this group released solo albums simultaneously. Who were they?
A - Jefferson Starship
B - Kiss
C - The Beatles
D - Genesis

5. What was John Denver's real name?
A - John Henry Devron, Jr.
B - Henry John Deutchendorf, Jr.
C - Dennis Vernon Johnson, Jr.
D - Jack Scafone

6. In 1976, the Beach Boys made a major 'comeback' with what Chuck Berry classic?
A - Sweet Little Sixteen
B - Roll Over Beethoven
C - Rock & Roll Music
D - Reelin & Rockin

7. What was Elton John's biggest-selling album?
A - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
B - Captain Fantastic
C - Greatest Hit, Vol. 1
D - Greatest Hit, Vol. 2

8. What James Bond movie is Carly Simon's 1977 hit 'Nobody Does It Better' from?
A - Moonraker
B - The Spy Who Loved Me
C - Octopussy
D - LIve and Let Die

9. Who won the Best New Artist Grammy Award in 1977?
A - Barry Manilow
B - Andy Gibb
C - Debby Boone
D - Thelma Houston

10. David Bowie and Bing Crosby crooned a duet on a 1977 Christmas TV special on which two songs?
A - Little Drummer Boy & White Christmas
B - Peace on Earth & Little Drummer Boy
C - Little Drummer Boy & Oh Come All Ye Faithful
D - White Christmas & Peace on Earth

11. What singer/songwriter was accused of bigotry in 1977 for an ironic song of his that climbed to number two in the U.S.?
A - Bob Dylan
B - Jackson Browne
C - Paul Simon
D - Randy newman

12. In 1977, who got their first number one hit with a Bruce Springsteen-penned song?
A - The Pointer Sisters
B - The Hollies
C - Manfred Mann's Earth Band
D - Bruce Springsteen

13. What was the name of the mystery group that would not reveal its identity and became the center of speculation in 1977 that it was really the Beatles recording under a pseudonym?
A - Gort
B - Barclay James Harvest
C - Klaatu
D - Suzie and the Red Stripes

14. Name the four songs from Fleetwood Mac's monster-selling 1977 Rumours album that became Top 10 singles in the US.
A - Go Your Own Way, Dreams, Don't Stop, The Chain
B - Dreams, Don't Stop, You make Loving Fun, Songbird
C - Go Your Own Way, Dreams, Don't Stop, You Make Loving Fun
D - Dreams, Don't Stop, You Make Loving Fun, Oh Daddy

15. Which of these four songs from the Eagles' Hotel California album did Don Henley not sing lead on?
A - Hotel California
B - New Kid In Town
C - Life in the Fast Lane
D - Victim of Love

16. In August 1977, Jackson Browne went on a 2-month tour to record a 'live' album called:
A - Jackson Browne Live
B - Jackson Comes Alive
C - Running On Empty
D - The Fuse

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