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Warren Mott Class of 1977 - 70's Movie Trivia
Test your knowlege of movies from the 70s

1. What handgun did Dirty Harry carry?
A - .45 Long Colt
B - .44 Magnum
C - 9mm Beretta pistol

2. The band Veruca Salt took their name from what '70s film?
A - Fiddler on the Roof
B - Star Wars
C - Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

3. Which 1972 Burt Reynolds film featured the Top 3 hit 'Dueling Banjos?'
A - Deliverance
B - Gator
C - Smokey & the Bandit

4. What common foodstuff is used in a novel way in 1972's ultra sensual Last Tango in Paris?
A - Chocolate syrup
B - Butter
C - Cucumber

5. Which one of the following Godfather actors didn't appear in the 1974's Godfather II?
A - James Caan
B - John Cazale
C - Marlon Brando

6. In what 1976 film did Robert De Niro coin the catchphrase 'You talkin' to me?'
A - Mean Streets
B - Taxi Driver
C - The Godfather II

7. Which one of these movies took the Best Picture Oscar in 1977?
A - Annie Hall
B - Looking for Mr. Goodbar
C - Oh, God!

8. What is the name of the nightclub in the 1977's Saturday Night Fever?
A - 2001 Odyssey
B - Strangelove's
C - The Wag Club

9. What kind of car does Bandit drive in Smokey & the Bandit?
A - Dodge Charger
B - Ford Mustang
C - Pontiac Fierbird

10. In Halloween all the cars have California plates. But what state was the action supposed to be taking place in?
A - California
B - Illinois
C - Texas

11. Where do aliens land in 1977's Close Encounters of the Third Kind?
A - The Mojave Desert
B - Devil's Tower
C - Washington, D.C.

12. In 1978's Animal House, which member of Delta House goes on to become a senator?
A - Eric 'Otter' Straton
B - John 'Bluto' Bluttarsky
C - Larry ' Pinto' Kroger

13. What was the name of the spaceship in 1978's Alien?
A - Nostromo
B - Pequod
C - Victrory

14. Which matrix actor lied about his age in order to appear in 1979's Apocalypse Now?
A - Laurence Fishburne
B - Hugo Weaving
C - Jow Pantoliano

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