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Warren Mott Class of 1977 - 70s Sitcom Trivia
Test your knowlege of sitcoms from the 70s

1. What was John Ritter's character, Jack tripper studying to be on Three's Company?
A - Painter
B - Chef
C - Cop

2. Mork and Mindy was spun-off from what popular 70's show?
A - Fantasy Island
B - Gilligan's Island
C - Happy Days

3. Gilligan's Island's Bob Denver originally played Maynard G. Krebs on what '60s TV show?
A - The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
B - Ozzie & Harriet
C - The Real McCoys

4. In what city was The Mary Tyler Moore Show set?
A - Cincinnati
B - Cleveland
C - Minneapolis

5. What was Freddie Stubbs' nickname on What's Happening?
A - Fat Albert
B - Raj
C - Rerun

6. Where did Lavere and Shirley work?
A - A bar
B - A brewery
C - A greasy spoon diner

7. What was the original title of Charlie's Angels?
A - The Alley Cats
B - The Backstreet Girls
C - Fox Force Three

8. What was the name of Andy Kaufman's character on Taxi?
A - Latka
B - Latva
C - Latkin

9. Gary Shandilng was originally a writer on which one of these '70s sitcoms?
A - The Brady Bunch
B - Maude
C - Welcome Back Kotter

10. Which one of these '50s rock 'n' roll classics was originally the theme tune for Happy Days?
A - At the Hop
B - Rock Around the Clock
C - Tutti Frutti

11. How many people lived in the Brady Bunch household?
A - 8
B - 9
C - 10

12. What new York City borough did the Bunker clan live in All In The Family?
A - Brooklyn
B - Queens
C - Staten Island

13. 'Come On, Get Happy' was which family's theme song?
A - The Brady's
B - The Jefferson's
C - The Partrige's

14. Hogan's Heroes were held captive during what conflict?
A - The Korean War
B - The Vietnam War
C - World War II

15. What did Fred Sanford run in Sanford & Son?
A - A flower shop
B - A junkyard
C - A used car lot

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