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Warren Mott Class of 1977 - Class Trivia Contest #2
Submit your questions!!!! Let's get a few of these going!

1. What year did we graduate from high school?
A - 1777
B - 1877
C - 1978
D - 1977
E - 1979

2. In our senior year at our class competition we placed first in every competition except (1) one. What did we let the juniors win that year?
A - Pyramid building
B - Egg Toss
C - Pie eating
D - Donut Toss

3. Which of these classmates played varsity basketball for the class of 1977?
A - Darius Kaput
B - Bill Simpson
C - Jay Hopkins
D - Ken Bunce

4. Which one of the following was a varsity cheerleader for the class of 1977?
A - Carol Colo
B - Carol Carlucci
C - Donna Bianchi
D - Nina Bilicki

5. Where was Mott High School located?
A - 12 Mile Rd between Dequindre & John R.
B - 13 Mile Rd between Dequindre & Hayes
C - 12 Mile Rd between Ryan Rd & Dequindre
D - 12 Mile Rd between Mound and Ryan Rd

6. What was the name of the arcade on 12 mile and Ryan?
A - Omhar's Tent
B - My place
C - The Arcade
D - Walker's Pinball Palace

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