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Rob Webster - 02-28-2007
What an awsome job Chris!!!  Glad someone to the initiative to get this together.  Definately brought back memories, some good, some not so good.  Was great to see the activity of those who have found the site and quite sad to see those who are no longer with us.  Anyway, hope to connect with you guys, maybe see you in October.  I left Detroit in '77, joined the Navy for 21 years and have been in Maine since I retired in '98.  Still an avid Wings fan.....coming home to watch them kick Anehiems butt on March 26th.  Best wishes to all!!  Rob
Carol Smith (Wasil) - 02-08-2007
Hey Ya'll, Greetings from Southeast, Georgia.  Geeze Chris, you have done an awesome thing for all of us by devoting your time to this website.  I can't believe this is the work of the guy that used to shoot beebees at the back of my leg thru a pea shooter in grade school...not to mention all the times you and Steve Hoehner used to beat up on Annette Novallo and I behind Wildwood - talk about a 'Blast from the Past'!  Because of your efforts (& those of the Reunion Committee), I hve located stuff in my memory I thought was gone forever!  God Bless each & every one of you, and I hope Mark & I are able to attend the 30th and see each and every one of your dear sweet faces and hug your necks!

Love, Hugs, & kisses to all!                                              

Jim Dobson - 02-06-2007
I liked your site.
stephen page - 11-13-2006
by the way.  happy b-day to those of your friends or family who are marines.  i was in florida visiting my parents on the 10th.  i had a few beers and shots at a bar where the waitress was wearing a red, white, and blue outfit.


Sue Sowders (aka Carion) - 09-02-2006
I was searching the net to try to find out when and if there would be a 30th reunion and glad to learn there will be.  I plan on coming ... the earlier the better in my opinion because it's starts getting cold already in October!
I went to the 20th and had a great time visiting plenty people I hadn't seen in a long time.  Thanks to all who help to put it together.  Life gets so busy, and time is so short ... thanks for the committment to keeping the class of '77 together!
Mike Purdy - 07-30-2006
Wow! Well done.
Mr. Joe Ward - 07-26-2006
I taught and coached girls' softball in the late 70's.  I'm still teaching computers and coaching girls' softball in the 00's!  Wow!

This web site is outstanding.

Good going class of '77!  I'm proud.
Kathy Osten Kubicki - 05-01-2006
Hey Chris,
This website is AWESOME!  It's hard to believe its almost 30 years.
Hope to see everyone at the next reunion. Great job! Well done.
Cliff Narlock - 01-22-2006
It's 2006, and I'm just getting into the age of the Internet. Chris, great job with the site. Talk about the 'way back' machine. So many memories, so many great times. When this is posted, ANYONE who wants to send me a note, just jot down a quick hello. I really wish I hadn't dropped off the face of the earth, but thanks to this site, I'm back in touch with a few wonderful friends from the CLASS OF 77!!
Deborah Kowalik (Greeno) - 01-14-2006
Great viewing the pictures.  Could it really be going on 30 years?  It doesn't seem possible.  Hope to make it to the reunion for once...
Ken Brotz - 01-11-2006
Everything looks great. Hope to see everyone at the 30th.
Mike Essad - 12-14-2005
From class of '76 and found this site.  I remember alot of faces and names. Great job.
Thaier Mukhtar - 10-28-2005
Hey guys,
Man I was a real nerd, great site Chris, some great memories, let me know about next reunion.
P.S. does antone freaking memory.

Mike Jensen - 10-03-2005
Nice to look through old photos and think about the old times.  Garaduated in 76 but it was a small neiborhood.  Good job.  Hope to talk to old friends.
Becky Kendall-Jackson (Kushner) - 08-09-2005
Chris - great job on this.  I found it a while ago, finally updated my info.  Hard to believe it's been over 25 years - I remember all of us on the court (and beyond), the marathon monopoly tournaments, swimming at  our house, running from Yukon at yours - and all th baseball & football games.  Whenever we head home (from AZ), my kids get to enjoy the court too as my parents are still there.  Hope to be able to make the 30 yr reunion.

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