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Remember these? Events we witnessed growing up in the 70s
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Web Site Committee
08-23-2003 01:40pm
1970: Apollo 13: Houston, We've Got A Problem

1970: Four students were killed by National Guard troops during an anti-war rally at Kent State University

The Women's Movement
In the early 70's, equality for women seemed closer than ever.
*the birth-control pill provided greater reproductive freedom
*Roe vs. Wade: in 1973, the Supreme Court legalized abortion
*the equal rights amendment was sent to the states for ratification
*women burned their bras as an act of defiance
*more women began working in previously all-male occupations

* President Nixon Visits Red China
* Munich Olympic Hostage Tragedy
*The 1972 Presidential Election

1972-1974 The Watergate Scandal
In 1972, Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein exposed corruption in the nation's capital when they investigated the Watergate Hotel break-in. This scandal eventually caused the resignation of President Nixon.

The Mideast Oil Crisis (1973-1974)
The fuel shortages that were caused by the oil embargo resulted in:
*long lines at gas stations
*people making appointments to get gas
*some gas stations running out of gas completely
*a reduction of the speed limit to 55 mph
*smaller cars with better gas mileage
*the formation of the U.S. Department of Energy
*commuters riding to work in carpools

1974: newspaper heiress Patty Hearst was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army, a radical group based in California

1975: Wreck Of The S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald

1976: the death penalty was reinstated

1977: Gary Gilmore was the first person to be executed in the U.S. in 10 years

Between 1976 and 1977, David Berkowitz killed 6 young people and wounded 7 others. He was first known as the .44 Caliber Killer...it was only after he began sending signed letters to the police that he received his most famous nickname: Son of Sam.

1976: At the American Legion Conference in Philadelphia, 221 attendees became sick and 34 died from a mysterious illness that was first known as 'legion fever.' Legionnaire's Disease was caused by bacteria growing in the water supply of the hotel's air-cooling system.

*The American Bicentennial
*Viking I Lands On Mars
* The 1976 Presidential Election  

* Blackout In New York City
* The Alaska Pipeline Is Completed
* The King Tut Exhibit Tours America

* 914 Cult Members Die In Guyana
*John Wayne Gacy Murder Case Begins

1979: the Susan B. Anthony dollar began circulation in 1979, but proved unpopular and was discontinued in 1981

* Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident
* Skylab Falls From Orbit
* U.S. Citizens Taken Hostage In Iran

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