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Warren Mott Class of 1977 - Message Board

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Did you ever streak? Fads and fun in the 70s
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Web Site Committee
08-23-2003 01:05pm
Mood Rings
chia pets
smiley faces
lava lamps
pet rocks
sea monkeys
beer can collecting
Ouija boards
Mad Libs
Holly Hobbie found her way onto greeting cards & collectibles
Pop Rocks Candy
8-track tapes
CB radios

Billy Beer -Billy Carter (the President's brother) had a beer named for him.

Some people believed that pyramid power would solve all of your problems, and even keep your food from spoiling!

Streaking (taking off your clothes and running naked through public places) was the #1 fad of 1974.

The video game revolution began with Pong in 1972, which spawned Atari (1978) and those little hand-held football games

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