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BLACKOUT 2003 - Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?  
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Sheryl Macro Meerman
08-20-2003 10:01am
I was enjoying dinner after a steamy round of golf with 250 of my closest contractor friends when the power went out.  We thought it was just the facility losing power and within 10 minutes it got really hot in an already stuffy room.  I left for home because the only thing remaining was the prize auction and as a vendor I give rather than receive.  Fortunately I had the car radio set to a news channel so I quickly learned the severity of the outage and was able to reach the expressway just ahead of the traffic gridlock.

I called my Mom in Warren to inform her of the situation and help her prepare, suggesting that she put aside some water as the pressure was expected to drop.  Her comment was 'Oh, I'll be OK, I just bought some Lemonade and Hawaiian Punch'.  I TOLD HER THAT SHE PROBABLY WOULD NOT ENJOY WASHING HER FACE WITH HAWAIIAN PUNCH!  

Our town was the first one North of Metro Detroit with power so we picked her up the next morning.  

Re: BLACKOUT 2003 - Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?  
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Chris Panetta
08-20-2003 12:52pm
I was closing up my office.....literally reaching for light switch when lights suddenly dimmed briefly before the generators at work kicked in. Didn't think much of it until I realized driving home that every traffic light for 24 miles was out.

Living out in sticks we've grown accustomed to being the last to have our power restored. Having once, quite a few years back, been without power for 5 days we invested in a portable generator for the house....has come in handy on quite a few occasions...this being one of them. The generator had some gas in it but not enough to get us through the night so I went to one of the few gas stations in the area that was open. They were also running on a generator. Needless to say the cars were already lined up. I waited patiently in line and got to within 2 cars of being serviced when their propane generator ran out of propane...sigh!!....sat there for another 30 minutes waiting for them to hook up another tank of propane.  I felt good though as now the lines were really backing up down the road. Finally got my gas can filled...topped off the generator and we were all set for the night. Woke up next morning to find power restored. So aside from the time inconvenience at the gas station......we weathered the outage quite comfortably having running water, lights and power to frig, freezer and TV. Oh yeah power for my computer!  :-)

Debbie found herself in a much more interesting situation. She was at the hairdresser having some coloring highlights done when power went out (no...not gray hair cover-up. I get all the gray hairs she doesn't). Head covered in those little foil wrappers they had to go to the business next door to use water from the water cooler to rinse her hair out.

A friend of ours was actually in the dentist chair having a tooth drilled when the power went out. She went home with a partially drilled tooth. Lucky her!


Re: BLACKOUT 2003 - Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?  
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Steve M
08-20-2003 07:20pm
We were setting up for photography on the Infinite Yacht, they had all sorts of cuisine set out
for their customers night cruise. Salmon, Lobster, Fountains  of Chocolate. The power never went out on the boat. However the client cancelled the cruise, amounting to a $20,000 loss. The freeways were so gridlocked, no one could make it.
My wife was on  phone  conference with people from many geographic locations. All at once they told each other of the power loss. They were convinced that it was terrorists attack, since power was out in Ann Arbor, New Baltimore, Warren and Toledo. My cell coverage is always marginal at the water, when she called  it was minutes of unintelligable screaming. Spooky stuff!
We have three cars, so we took the one with the most gas and headed North.

Re: BLACKOUT 2003 - Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?  
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Lee Michalewicz
08-21-2003 06:28pm
I just walked in from work, let the dogs out, and turned on the TV, 3 minutes later it was announced about the blackout. Looking at the map with quiet shock, all I ould think ws terroist, but I stayed tune to the TV for a few more minutes. I tried calling my parents in Warren, but the lines were all tied up. I was quiet amazed to look at NewYork City, and how all the people were re-acting. Very calm and collect, I was really impressed to see that many people walking so calmly like 1st grade kids in a fire drill. I stayed tune to the TV and CNN all evening. Detroit looked like one big traffic jam, but they really stayed focus to New York City. YA'll handled it Very Well!

Where was I when the lights went out in 2003? Houston Texas wth the A/C running! :oP

Re: BLACKOUT 2003 - Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?  
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Karyn Horton
08-28-2003 02:10pm
Hi all,

Actually, I lucked out and left work early that day (missed the gridlock), walked into my house, turned on a window air conditioner and the power went out (I swear, I did not cause it).   My sister in law however, went to Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak that evening and had a 10 lb, 6 oz baby boy 'Little House on the Prairie' style as she refers to it.  There were no lights (except those coming from the computers and other medical equipment) and worst of all , no air.   He was the only 'blackout baby'  born at Royal Oak  Beaumont.  Needless to say, I am a proud aunt.

See you at the races!


Re: BLACKOUT 2003 - Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?  
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Jay Hopkins
08-29-2003 12:54pm
Was in Pittsburgh.  Phone rang and asked me if I had heard the news.  Pitt had power so I was cool and relaxed eating my Subway Sandwich.  Low fat of course.  Missed all the fun.  Missed all the fun of the ice storm too.  Was in Columbus.  Come to think of it I really need to stay home a little more.  There will be no blackout baby in the Hopkins family.

Re: BLACKOUT 2003 - Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?  
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Kate Karwowski
09-03-2003 04:03am
I had flown into town  exactly 24 hours before the blackout. Good thing I decided to fly on  Wednesday -  'lucky 13' - or else would have been stuck either at the airport or on the freeway trying to get back to mom & dad's.  We were just leaving for dinner when we got into the van and noticed all the radio stations were off the air, the garage door wouldn't close, and all the traffic lights were out for miles.  I thought 'rolling blackouts' only happened in California!  Thank goodness the 'Dream Cruise' went off without a hitch! (and my parents had a generator and pleny of gas)

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