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Live chat....did you know? Chat lingo 101
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Bartender at the Class Pub
10-19-2002 11:41am
Chat room terms and lingo

In the last few years, the change in computer technology has brought about a vast increase in communication for society. No longer are the days of tying up the phone line with casual chatter. Instead we are now tying up the phone line with our computers (unless you run cable or DSL).

For the beginner chatter it can be puzzling watching the words and sentences quickly scroll up your screen. The many abbreviations do not appear to make sense to the new chatter. Once you understand the chatroom lingo, you will be ready to take part in an online chat session. Here are some of the chatroom abbreviations and lingo:

afk: away from keyboard

lol: laughing out loud

rofl: rolling on the floor laughing

wb: welcome back

ty: thank you

brb: be right back

cya: see you later

omg: oh my god

:) (happy face)

:( (sad face)

b4: before

u: you

howru?: how are you

4get: forget

ttyl: talk to you later

wtg: way to go

imo: in my opinion

gr8: great

gl: good luck

You will also note the poor grammar and spelling while visiting a chatroom. Long drawn out sentences will leave you behind in the discussion. Chatters want to get their message across as quickly, but as ledgably as possible.

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