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Class Pub 'Live Chat' archive Sept. 2003
Web Site Committee
10-07-2003 12:36am
20:03:09 bartender enters this room

20:07:26 Mac enters this room

20:07:52 [Mac] Hey Chris - I was just looking at the new photos

20:08:29 [Mac] Lots of different people - I'm surprised at how many I didn't know

20:08:45 [bartender] Hi Sheryl

20:08:51 [Mac] Hmmmm...talking to myself......

20:08:58 [Mac] Hi

20:09:25 [bartender] yeah...there are some in there from other class years as well

20:10:06 [bartender] Steve said more coming

20:10:09 [Mac] Did he have them all titled or have you guys been busy trying to id everyone?

20:10:28 [bartender] guess he hasn't quite gotten through all his boxes

20:10:38 [Mac] I tell him I envision his hallways lined with crates & boxes

20:11:04 [bartender] He provided some IDs...I recocognize some and added tags

20:11:23 [bartender] some nither of us know

20:11:36 [bartender] neither

20:11:51 [Mac] I would be useless trying to ID people - Kathy would be great - I'll let her know

20:12:30 JM enters this room

20:12:33 [bartender] bet you recognized one face in there!

20:12:44 [bartender] :-)

20:12:46 bannie1 enters this room

20:12:52 [Mac] Who might that be?

20:13:07 [JM] Greetings

20:13:16 [bartender] Schmidty!!!!!!!!!!

20:13:19 [Mac] Hi guys, gals?

20:13:41 [bartender] Who's JM?

20:13:59 [Mac] Schmidty?????

20:14:17 [bartender] bob is bannie1

20:14:20 [Mac] If you get locked out - exit and re-enter

20:15:35 [JM] No Schmidty - this is my first visit here

20:15:50 [Mac] Am I here by myself or are you guys writing in invisible ink?

20:16:15 [Mac] Who are you JM?

20:16:18 [bartender] who is JM??

20:16:21 Mac exits from this room

20:16:48 [bartender] Mac...I suspect bob is logging in with AOL browser

20:17:37 Sheryl enters this room

20:17:56 [bartender] JM...if you register you get a little icon that can be clicked on so we can tell who you are

20:18:22 [Sheryl] I came back with my real name - I tried to register - I'll try again

20:18:43 Sheryl exits from this room

20:18:54 [JM] Do I have to back out to rejister?

20:19:07 [bannie1] heryl-really?

20:19:31 Sheryl enters this room

20:19:47 [bannie1] Macro-still tharee? I appreciated the photo comments

20:19:59 [Sheryl] I'm back - and as a girl even

20:20:08 [bartender] hey Bob...Chris panetta here

20:20:34 [Sheryl] I'm glad you noticed the comments

20:20:37 [bannie1] I can't believe how much work has been done here in a year!

20:20:50 [bartender] Bob...if you click on little people icons you can see who that person is

20:21:16 [bannie1] Dude- don't you guys have jobs

20:21:16 [Sheryl] Yes JM - you do need to exit to register - or just tell us who you are

20:21:35 [bartender] Yeah...been busy in wee hours

20:22:01 [Sheryl] I work at home - when I'm not driving across the state

20:22:04 [bartender] most of this done while family snoozing

20:22:07 [bannie1] I get it. I don't come here often tiger!

20:22:16 [JM] I was wondering if you put your names in here. John Mento and this is a fantastic Web Site!!!

20:22:29 [bartender] I only need 6 hours of sleep :-)

20:22:58 [Sheryl] Hi John - welcome to the pub

20:23:14 [bartender] Hey john...how's it going

20:23:25 [bannie1] I am impressed- we hours, I saw the times - I'm in la-la land.

20:23:33 [bartender] Drinks are free tonight...what can I get you guys?

20:24:06 [bartender] Bob...you get my sausage invite??

20:24:13 [JM] Hello everybody going well up here in Grand Blanc - how about with everybody else?

20:24:22 [Sheryl] Bob - it's about time you showe

20:24:52 [bannie1] Not yet but this could be the year we reappear! Thanks. Fond memories of the last one...

20:25:23 [bannie1] Scheryl- you are awesome (you too Chris)

20:25:36 [bartender] Sat sept 27th

20:25:55 [Sheryl] I didn't do anything - just the bookclub you don't participate in - can you read?

20:26:16 [bannie1] Don't kill me, I can't type Macro...

20:26:20 [bartender] 70 lbs of homemade sausage...beer...hay rides....150-200 people

20:26:34 [bartender] Live bluegrass band

20:26:34 [JM] Who else is in here?

20:26:52 [Sheryl] John - you are my neighbor - I'm just east

20:27:04 [bartender] Bob...Deb sends a hug

20:27:33 [JM] How long have you been up in this area?

20:27:36 enolyam enters this room

20:27:51 [Sheryl] Bob - I send a hug too! Make that two hugs!!

20:28:00 [bannie1] right back at her Chris (do not intercept)

20:28:06 [Sheryl] About 8 years - love it up here

20:28:15 [bartender] John.....Sheryl macro....Chris Panetta....Bob Schmidt

20:28:38 [bannie1] Well received and reciprocated.....thanks

20:28:43 [JM] We came up in 1989 - and it would be real hard to move back down.

20:28:56 [bannie1] I had such a blast last year seeing everyone.

20:28:56 [Sheryl] Hey Steve - tricky name but you can't fool me twice

20:29:26 [enolyam] Fooled once for what, 2 seconds?

20:29:43 [Sheryl] I liked the photos - thanks for leaving me out this time

20:29:48 [bartender] ok guys no fair logging in here without registering so we can see who you are

20:29:56 [enolyam] Nice job Chris, we'll have to get you more, hope no one is offended yet!

20:30:13 [Sheryl] Bob - do you use 1 or 2 fingers to type?

20:30:13 [bartender] Steve I did not post the one of Sheryl you sent

20:30:36 [enolyam] Apperars Chris is fooled?

20:30:49 [Sheryl] That wasn't me!

20:30:58 [bartender] Steve Maylone = enolyam by the way folks

20:31:28 [bartender] LOL sheryl

20:31:56 [enolyam] I do not remember taking any pictures of Sheryl, of course there are many pictures I do not recall taking

20:32:11 [JM] Hi Steve, how have you been?

20:32:15 [bartender] Sheryl...should I post that photo? Give me your thoughts

20:32:20 [bannie1] Macro- one if I'm lucky!

20:32:23 [Sheryl] I don't remember you taking photos of me either

20:32:44 [bartender] JM is John Mento

20:32:50 [Sheryl] Bob - you should consider dictating to one of your kids

20:33:09 [enolyam] I'm fine, the boss let me off work for a while to play

20:33:25 [bartender] Bob....how old are kids now??

20:33:31 [enolyam] John! You still in Mich, how are you!

20:33:55 [bannie1] Dudes I am going to check out some of your hard work.thanks so much. of all the people Im glad you were here now..be good!

20:33:55 [Sheryl] You can submit it as a trivia question...I bet it would have the highest view count

20:34:02 [bartender] I posted one of you & annie & eli on Got Kids photo gallery

20:34:08 [bannie1] Chris, Sheryl is being mean

20:34:23 [bannie1] Kids are 5 and 7.

20:34:39 [bartender] wait Bob...you can't leave

20:34:47 [Sheryl] I am not mean...you've just been away too long

20:35:01 [enolyam] John, email me- it is listed in the contact!

20:35:03 [bartender] it was a pic you sent us long ago

20:35:06 [JM] Still in Michigan doing ok - although a warmer climate is getting to be a little more enticing - especially after last winter - how about yourself

20:35:55 [bartender] We're prepping for hurricane out here in Northeast

20:35:59 [enolyam] Mostly in Mich, although my brain + heart are in other locals also.

20:36:06 [bannie1] I'll check it out and I am still serious about bringing or scanning some long forgotten photos at your Aunt's farm (and for you Sheryl- the trip to Lobsingers cottage)

20:36:14 [bartender] Bob...you close to water??

20:36:37 [Sheryl] I have some really good ones from the cottage weekend

20:36:40 [bartender] you have pics from the farm??!!!!!!!!!

20:36:52 Lee enters this room

20:36:56 [bartender] awesome!

20:36:58 [enolyam] Hoping my job in V.Beach doesn't blow away. All the navy ships going out to harbor, low land, scary stuff

20:37:12 [bannie1] Chris, you're killing me-Rhode Island?

20:37:37 [bartender] Hey Lee!!

20:37:48 [Lee] Hey Chris!

20:37:59 [bannie1] Yes, the farm buddy.

20:38:01 [Lee] Happy 1st Birthday! LOL

20:38:10 [JM] I sure hope hope that thing takes a route away from land

20:38:20 [bartender] Bob...no I mean are you guys waterfront there or inland a bit?

20:38:22 [Sheryl] What is it with the farm? Was it a real farm?

20:39:47 [Lee] Did I come in at the wrong time? I hear ya'll talkin bout farms  ? LOL

20:39:56 [bannie1] Sheryl you have to remember I have been in high school since college- I am a sophomore at heart....

20:39:57 [bartender] Sheryl my families farm up near Cadillac....Bob, Bisonnette, Thomas, teshich, seidenwand, Pryka...went up there camping

20:40:29 [enolyam] They lost me with the farm too, of course I'm always CLUELESS!

20:40:34 [bartender] Bob...remember Cliff and the Luther boys on that trip?

20:40:35 [Sheryl] I bet there are some really creative pics from the farm

20:40:35 [bannie1] We're protected bay

20:40:43 [Lee] Hey Chris, thats where they make 4 winns boats! LOL

20:41:12 [bannie1] My mom is Del-Mar peninsula so we are a bit worried.just talked to her tonite

20:41:21 [bartender] Tried prying open trunk of your car to get our beer!! LOL

20:42:09 [Sheryl] Steve, I din't know why you are called clueless!

20:42:46 [Sheryl] Do any of your kids go on trips like the farm, canoeing, skiing - aren't you SCARED TO DEATH?

20:42:56 [enolyam] That's O.K. my wife calls me that and other things that just send me on occasion

20:43:13 [Lee] LOL

20:43:30 [Lee] Well you have a good wife then, mine calls me worse! LOL

20:43:53 [bartender] My kids have no clue the things we used to do

20:44:08 [Sheryl] Do you think your kids drink as much as we did?

20:44:11 [Lee] LMAO

20:44:17 [enolyam] We've been getting along for 22 years, as a result the name calling is at a minimum

20:44:25 [bannie1] We're still working on getting them to dress themselves, so no Sheryl- not yet. Biggest challenge, keeping rap to a dull roar!

20:44:31 [Lee] and I don't want mine to even know! LOL

20:44:35 [bartender] Would scare the hell out of me if they did any of the things we used to do

20:44:53 [Lee] LMAO

20:44:59 [enolyam] They just do not tell you

20:44:59 [Lee] I hear ya!

20:45:20 [Sheryl] I think they know more than you want to believe

20:45:27 [bartender] Sheryl...my kids no

20:45:44 [enolyam] It's because of the things we did that made me such a good spy on my own kid

20:45:47 [bannie1] Seriously, this was fun. I'm off to look at pix and thanks again for manning (no offense Sheryl) this operation...

20:45:56 [bartender] Although my daugther Cara has a bit of the devil in her

20:46:01 [Lee] Mine don't!! LOL

20:46:37 [Sheryl] Goodnight Bob - don't be a stranger

20:46:39 [bartender] I bet our parents thought the same thing!!! LOL

20:46:48 [enolyam] Some get it out of their system young, some NEVER do

20:46:58 [Lee] My kids found one of them old beer tabs in my tackle box.

20:47:02 [bartender] You're right...we are probably clueless!

20:47:02 [bannie1] I have moments in teaching my classes that if any of them knew what I went through I would either be an icon or idiot .no comments.

20:47:33 [Sheryl] I'm staying quiet

20:47:33 [Lee] My son said whats that, my daughter says 'thats what you make chains with, like in dads room at Grandmas house' LOL

20:47:43 [bartender] bob...please come on the 27th!!

20:48:42 [bannie1] Thanks again.......@7th Sept or Oct?

20:48:56 [bartender] Lee...we opened the Maylone gallery

20:49:04 [Sheryl] John - are you still here? We have no ettiquette - you just have to butt in

20:49:08 [bartender] Sept 27th

20:49:17 [JM] Hi - I am still here!

20:49:27 [Sheryl] We have no spelling skills either

20:49:27 [Lee] Did you?? Hopw's it look? I tried to peek earlier, but wasn't open yet!

20:49:31 [bartender] saturday the 27th of Sept

20:49:37 [bannie1] Got it

20:49:41 [enolyam] Chris, did you have someone tell you to edit our playboy style pic? I thought it was very tasteful

20:49:44 bannie1 exits from this room

20:49:56 [bartender] I opened it abot 8:15

20:50:13 [Lee] LOL

20:50:25 [bartender] Steve...I opted to with hold it

20:50:29 [JM] Who is Lee?

20:50:52 [enolyam] Come to think of it, you've edited quite a few!

20:51:09 [Sheryl] I am also calling it a night - you boys can now be boys but remember, we can view the CHAT for 48 hours

20:51:14 [bartender] Sheryl....what do you think ...should I add that picture??

20:51:18 Sheryl exits from this room

20:51:25 [enolyam] Your taste of decency is different than mine, is it?

20:51:26 [Lee] I gotta gocheck it out! Steve had a gifted talent for taking pictures.

20:51:34 [Lee] LOL

20:51:48 [enolyam] You scared her with that bartender

20:51:57 [bartender] Steve....what others did I edit??

20:52:59 [enolyam] Hmmm, I'll have to take a look. Seems like we had 50 or so. Hope to come up with another hundred so at least

20:53:30 [bartender] I'll have to go back...maybe somehow missed a few

20:53:43 [enolyam] Don't waffle! Is your taste of decency different? I thought we should down play the alcohol

20:54:25 [bartender] Alcohol was fine

20:54:34 [enolyam] I think the cheerleader is Kathy Feskorn, at football field,

20:54:53 [bartender] bust shots...wasn't quite sure what the hell to with!!! :-)

20:55:18 [bartender] to do with

20:55:33 [enolyam] Someone out there somewhere, could identify

20:55:46 [bartender] ahhh...what the hell we are all adults

20:56:07 [enolyam] We'll hold off on sending more of that particular category

20:56:15 [bartender] However Mott High might remove our link from their site

20:56:35 [enolyam] Ahhh, good point!

20:57:18 [enolyam] Your horse posting was convincing

20:57:21 [bartender] Steve...so when is the sky diving gig??

20:57:42 [bartender] Lee has horses too

20:57:52 [enolyam] Oct. 11 or 18 or 25th

20:57:58 [bartender] Incredible animals!

20:58:20 [enolyam] Can't wait, float like a feather

20:58:32 [bartender] We hooking you up with a helmet cam for the jump??

20:58:56 [bartender] Not me man...terrified of heigths!!!

20:59:05 [enolyam] Nah, just going to enjoy the moment, get pics on ground

20:59:25 [bartender] I get up 20 feet in air on a ladder and start shaking and getting dizzy

20:59:26 [enolyam] You only live once!

20:59:56 [bartender] Probably should jump to get over the fear

21:00:02 [Lee] Kewl Pictures Steve!

21:00:09 [bartender] gets worse the older I get

21:00:18 [enolyam] Ladders are scary, took me years to get on the roof for repairs, gutters, tree triming. High enough to do damage

21:01:14 [JM] Seems like they get scarier with age

21:01:27 [enolyam] Need more current shots of people, any more ideas to get participation?

21:01:45 [bartender] Steve...how'd ya like the header for the gallery?

21:01:48 [enolyam] Age and weight!

21:02:24 [bartender] you know I wonder how many people really know how to scan and upload photos

21:02:29 [enolyam] Very, how should I say, CLASSY? header. Your the best. Good job, atta boy

21:02:30 [Lee] Seems like some of those shots are in the yearbook

21:02:54 [enolyam] Out takes from the year book, some

21:02:54 [bartender] Lee yes...some are

21:03:44 [Lee] I always liked that shot of Detroit from across the river in Canada

21:04:04 [bartender] Neuner coming to town??

21:04:06 [enolyam] Bill Williams studios in Royal Oak housed the pics for years, I went back in 1980 or so to get some of my favs, they requested back- what I did not want. Therefore I have no clue as to what volume there may be

21:04:18 [Lee] You see Cobo Hal, Bob-lo Boat, and no Joe Lewis Arenal

21:04:33 [enolyam] My town, he's not Santa Claus going everywhere!

21:04:42 [Lee] hall

21:04:46 [bartender] Steve...you think they still have??

21:05:10 [enolyam] We all plan to meet our fellow Jeff at the bookclub get together next month

21:05:39 [bartender] Great!

21:05:43 [enolyam] Good question! Although doubtful. Never know unless we ask. Right?

21:06:25 [enolyam] I'm sure that I 'pilfered' hundreds of pics. Giving back to them a minimum, they were in a way my property

21:07:23 [enolyam] Any one else out there have XM radio?

21:07:30 [bartender] John...you're too quiet

21:07:50 [Lee] LOL Didn't even see him in here!

21:08:05 [enolyam] My he fell asleep?

21:08:12 [JM] Trying to come up with simething to say

21:08:25 [Lee] LOL

21:08:30 [bartender] Don't have XM radio but own stock in Sirius (competitor of XM)

21:08:35 [Lee] Steve are you still in Michigan?

21:09:13 [JM] Think they are both good stocks

21:09:14 [enolyam] At the moment yes. Soon to move

21:09:14 [bartender] Lee that's John Mento

21:09:41 [Lee] Oh! LOL WAKE UP JOHN !!

21:10:03 [JM] OK - OK I am up!

21:10:18 enolyam exits from this room

21:10:22 [bartender] I beleive sat radio will be huge

21:10:22 [Lee] LOL

21:10:27 enolyam enters this room

21:10:36 [bartender] still in infancy

21:10:41 [enolyam] Michigan is nice, I mean we could be in say, OHIO or Illinois that would stink.Just done seeing everything in Mich

21:11:02 [bartender] likely these guys will be gobbled up by some large media conglomerate

21:11:31 [enolyam] 20 years ago no one could imagine paying for T.V. Same with radio, I think it is good invest

21:11:34 [JM] I think you are probably right -

21:11:52 [JM] Steve, any ideas of where you might go

21:11:54 [Lee] Best view I ever seen of Detroit was in my rear view mirror ! LOL

21:12:08 [enolyam] The conglomerate thing will go full circle, we just discussed that this evening

21:12:34 [Lee] LOL

21:13:04 [enolyam] I just might go to Colorado. Trying to get more work there, the economy there is worse in country at moment. Have about 6 trips a year there at current

21:13:24 [JM] Looks like it might be added in a package with that Onstar system

21:14:19 [Lee] Colorado sounds nice, but yea.... the economy sucks

21:14:31 [enolyam] The sat radio will then be fully commercialized?

21:14:39 [bartender] Onstar...great....Deb used about 4 times in past month

21:14:52 [bartender] Locked out of car

21:14:55 [JM] Colorado, would be a nice place

21:15:13 [Lee] Hell Steve with your talent, Im sure you could go anywhere.. maybe Alaska, that would be cool ( for a while)

21:15:13 [enolyam] Economy sucks everywhere, just what you make out of it, I refuse to have another 1990-91

21:15:17 [bartender] She called me saturday....the dog locked her out of car!!!

21:15:35 [bartender] It was hillarious

21:15:38 [enolyam] HA!

21:15:48 [JM] Oh Know - that had to be funny!

21:15:59 [Lee] LMAO

21:16:19 [bartender] she called Onstar to get doors unlocked

21:16:24 [enolyam] They say you can go anywhere, but when you go, the home team acts inhospitable to outsiders

21:16:46 [bartender] I suspect they will make a commercial of that one

21:17:02 [Lee] well for as much as you pay for it, they should have washed the car and dog after they opened the door! LOL

21:17:04 [enolyam] I'm sure someone at G.M. is looking into fixing that problem as we speak

21:17:53 [bartender] 1st year free with new car

21:17:59 [enolyam] Where abouts are you in Texas Lee?

21:18:09 [Lee] Oh! LOL Are you gonna keep it?

21:18:15 [bartender] but I wouldn't pay for it

21:18:17 [Lee] Houston

21:18:25 [Lee] LOOL

21:18:36 [Lee] answers that quetion

21:18:49 [Lee] question

21:18:51 [enolyam] Houston? Is it REALLY the fattest city? No offense.

21:19:04 [Lee] these damn kys keep stickin! LOL

21:19:19 [Lee] LMAO I no !

21:19:36 [enolyam] I know it is the muggiest and hottest, any good things to say about changing my opinion of HOUSTON?

21:19:43 [Lee] No problem Steve, Im not a fat ass! yet! LOL

21:20:10 [enolyam] But everyone else is right?

21:20:17 [Lee] nahhh! If your in the Air Conditioning business... It's not a bad place to make a living! LOL

21:20:27 [Lee] yea!

21:20:35 [bartender] New Orleans was god awful humid place!!!

21:20:41 [Lee] Opps Except my wife!

21:21:02 [Lee] Chris, New Orleans...Houston.. Exact same climate!

21:21:04 [bartender] My skin could not even breathe down there

21:21:20 [Lee] hot and muggy

21:21:22 [enolyam] Michigan has been on that list leading it for ages (fat people)

21:21:37 [Lee] thats why all the old people down here still look so young! LOL

21:21:55 [enolyam] Boss is calling me back to work, it's been great guys!

21:21:58 enolyam exits from this room

21:22:18 [Lee] But Steve.. Texas as a whole is Awsome (Except Dallas)

21:22:35 [bartender] well gents...this guy has to go do some work

21:22:51 [bartender] be good...see ya around

21:22:58 [Lee] Well Good talkin at ya'll! Have a Great Evening!

21:23:17 [bartender] night John

21:23:18 [Lee] Ltter chris, and John!

21:23:23 Lee exits from this room

21:23:25 [bartender] night lee

21:23:35 bartender exits from this room

21:23:35 [JM] Have a good one

21:24:11 JM exits from this room

21:25:31 diana enters this room

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